About Us

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We try to be an easy church to figure out.

We find this simple diagram helpful. We gather to worship God every week. In corporate worship times, we prioritize having a God-centered time together every Sun- day. We believe other aspect of ministry flow out of our corporate time together.  While what we do on Sunday morning in our corporate service is vitally important, we believe that is not all there is to being a church!

That is why we also seek to "reach in." The Apostle Paul said in Colossians 1:29 that he wanted to "present everyone mature in Christ." We share that vision. Our goal is to provide venues for people of all types to mine the depths of the Word and connect to others in a God-honoring way. We have two main tools we use for reaching in.

We offer the Equipping Hour which is designed for digging into the Word. And we offer Small Groups which are aimed at gospel-centered fellowship. If we are doing these well, we believe the outreach of the church will be a natural and necessary outflow. .The mission is never complete, until Jesus returns. We are a church that wants to reach out in the most practical of ways through personal evangelism in everyday life, through intentional efforts and through our partner- ships with those who share the gospel around the world.